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Turning your home into a smart home


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Thinking of a new home improvement project? Why not level up your home’s comfort and convenience with smart home upgrades? Built around today’s handy mobile devices and wireless connections, these appliances deliver the new standard of luxury for homeowners in the digital age.

  1. Make the smart switch

    Smart plugs and switches are the fastest and most affordable way to turn any home into a smart home. These allow you to monitor and control the use of your lights and electrical appliances through Wi-Fi-connected mobile phonesand tablets.

    Because these accessories fit right over regular power outlets and light switches, there’s no need for any major rewiring or renovation work. Just “plug and play” – you can continue using your current appliances and lighting fixtures while you save up for other smart tech upgrades.

  2. Enjoy optimal comfort with thermostats that “learn” your preferences

    Maintaining optimal room conditions across different areas in a large home used to be a challenge until smart thermostats came around.

    Going well beyond the basic functions of raising and lowering the temperature, these appliances enable remote access from anywhere inside the house. Even more exciting is their ability to “learn”– over time, a smart thermostat can automatically make adjustments based on your usage patterns.

    Centralized, smart thermostat-operated AC systems are a must-have for homes in balmy Florida neighborhoods. Not only will you stay cool and comfy throughout the year, you will also be able to save on your electric bills.

  3. Manage sunlight with automated shade control

    Automated window shades are another practical application of emerging smart tech for Florida luxury homes. In a place where the sun shines nearly all year round, you’ll appreciate having centralized control over window shades.

    A bonus benefit that automated shade control gives homeowners is the fact that it can be operated remotely. This allowsyouto save energy withinternal temperature control, take care of indoor plants’ sunlight needs, or even make the home look inhabited when you’re away.

  4. Protect your property with smart locks and connected security cameras

    Always forgetting where you left your keys? Smart locks will soon make that worryobsolete. Withthis technology, doors come with touchpads you can use to enter a security code or a scanner that can interface with an app on your mobile device.

    Surveillance cameras are also getting smart tech upgrades – they are now more powerful, thanks to their on-demand accessibility over the internet. If you often leave your house for work or out-of-town trips, the ability to access real-time footage from your security cameras remotely will surely give you peace of mind.

  5. Get ready to talk to your appliances through smart hubs

    If you’re eager to embrace the smart home lifestyle, it’s time to get used to talking to inanimate objects other than your smartphone.

    Voice-controlled digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and the Google Assistant are gaining popularity among homeowners at a fast rate. Through smart appliances such as Google Home or Amazon Echo wireless speakers, homeowners can “talk” to their virtual assistants to control other connected appliances across the house.

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