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People in the historic district Winter Haven, Florida

The best places to shop in Polk County

People in the historic district Winter Haven, Florida

Throughout Polk County are several places where you can shop until you drop, from huge shopping malls to streets lined with a wide range of independently owned shops and boutiques. Here are the best places in the area for retail therapy.

Lakeside Village
1479 Town Center Drive, Lakeland, FL

Rated as one of the best malls in Polk County, Lakeside Village is a one-stop for all shopping enthusiasts. This outdoor mall in south Lakeland has a combination of high-end designer boutiques, specialty stores, national retailers, service providers, and restaurants packed in one sprawling facility.

Aside from shopping, Lakeside Village is also one of the go-to places for entertainment. A short distance from the shops is Cobb Theatres Lakeside 18, where you can catch the latest movie screenings.

Shops and restaurants in Lakeside Village include: Francesca’s, Bath & Body Works, Loft, Victoria’s Secret, Olive Garden, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Downtown Winter Haven
Winter Haven, FL

Winter Haven’s Main Street is a treasure chest of wonderful shops and boutiques, with some of the best ones being independent and locally owned. The Shop is one of these gems, featuring a wide variety of items from jewelry by makers like Luca and Danni to ceramic ware and decorative wine sets. If you’re looking for more mainstream Florida-themed gifts, The Shop has that as well.

Other notable shops in Downtown Winter Haven include: m.marie for womenswear and Andy Thornal Company for outdoor gear, sporting goods, as well as luggage and jewelry.

Wildwood Antique Mall of Lakeland
3530 US Highway 98 N, Lakeland, FL

If you’re looking for a rich variety of antiques and vintage clothing, Wildwood Antique Mall of Lakeland is the best place to be. The whole mall is a treasure trove of rare and unique finds, which will surely delight every antique collector (or even those who are new to the hobby). Find anything, from refurbished furniture to art and jewelry in this wonderful maze.

Wildwood Antique Mall of Lakeland is open Mondays through Sundays.

Posner Park
1300 Posner Boulevard, Davenport, FL

Ideally located between Tampa and Orlando, Davenport’s Posner Park is more than a shopping mall– it’s a gathering place for friends and families. There’s a wide array of shops and restaurants located within this outdoor mall, as well as entertainment options and specialized services. You can head to Posner Park for shopping or make it a must-visit stopover whenever you’re driving around the area.

Shops and restaurants in Posner Park include: JCPenney, Payless Shoe Source, Sake Sushi, Target, and Starbucks.

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Social media puzzle cube

How social media is affecting the real estate industry

Social media puzzle cube

Nowadays, social media is more than just a communications tool. It has become a platform for promotions, marketing, and social engagement. That’s why many industries (such as real estate) have tapped into social media to broaden their brands and audience. Here are a couple of ways social media sites affect the real estate industry.

Social media broadens the target audience

Social media has proved especially helpful in real estate as it can help buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals reach a bigger audience with just a few clicks.

As a home seller, you can market your property on social networking sites, which is advantageous given that many buyers nowadays begin their home search online. You can specifically target certain groups for your marketing campaign, or create a broad plan that will generate a healthy amount of interest among different demographics.

As for real estate professionals, social media is a great platform to spread brand awareness and get in touch with clients from different parts of the country or even the globe (depending on the scope). This allows you as a buyer or a seller to find the right real estate agent for your home buying or selling process.

Nowadays, one of the hallmarks of a trustworthy and highly professional real estate agent is an established online presence. That’s why many agents go the extra mile to build individual websites and maintain profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Social media helps erase distance between buyers and sellers

If you’re a buyer looking to relocate to Polk County in Florida, the logistics can be quite troublesome. There’s the distance as well as the time (and money) you need to spend to travel back and forth. With social media, you can look at Polk Country real estate from the comforts of your current home and even go on virtual tours of properties you like.

Aside from the real estate offerings, social media also enables you to get to know the communities that fit your criteria. Many cities have their own Facebook pages and websites where you can learn everything about the community, from the local government and the schools to the best restaurants in town. Enter specific keywords on your search bar to get more information, such as moving companies in the area to help you with your relocation.

Social media opens more doors for networking

For buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals, social media has helped millions of people connect for real estate opportunities from different parts of the country. At the same time, resources and other information are made available and easier to access.

In conclusion, social media has made the real estate landscape more accessible, effective making real estate processes relatively easier and less time-consuming.

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house plan with working tools

Home renovations that are really worth it in 2018

house plan with working tools

Renovating your home not only upgrades the property. When done right, it also boosts the overall value of your home, especially when you decide to sell it. The following renovation projects will prove incredibly beneficial this year, based on Remodeling magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value report.

  1. Garage door replacement

    Replacing your garage door not only improves your home’s curb appeal. It also promises the highest return on investment. The whole job can set you back by $3,470 on average (if you’re thinking of installing a four-section garage door), you will also be able to recoup up to 98.3 percent of your cash.

  2. Manufactured stone veneer

    Another home upgrade that will significantly boost your property’s curb appeal and aesthetic value is replacing your home’s current siding with manufactured stone veneer. It comes at a hefty sum, with the average cost at about $8,221 according to the report, but you will also be able to recoup 97.1 percent of your expenses come resale.

  3. Wood deck addition

    If your property has ample yard space, you might want to add a snazzy wood deck that measures at least 16-by-20 foot. The average cost of this project, including the railing system, balusters, and wood posts, is at around $10,950. It is worth it, however, as this project will also allow you to recover almost 83 percent of your investment.

  4. Minor kitchen remodel

    If people have been telling you a kitchen renovation might be useful, they’re correct. You don’t even have to do a major upgrade, as a minor remodel (which includes new laminate countertops, better cabinetry, and new, energy-efficient appliances) can already improve your property value significantly. This project costs about $21,198 (with the upgrades stated above) and will give you back 81.1 percent of the total cost.

  5. Siding replacement

    You don’t need to invest in manufactured stone veneer to reap a sizable return on investment (and add to your home’s resale value). Any siding replacement can easily do that for you. According to the 2018 Cost vs. Value report, replacing about 1,250 square feet of your home’s old siding with new ones has an average cost of $15,072. A bit pricey, but you’ll also be able to recoup $11,554, which is 76.7 percent of your expenses.

Home renovations can cost a pretty penny, but these projects have proved that they are not only necessary but also worth it. There are 15 more home remodeling projects that will boost your property’s resale value this year. For more information, check out Remodeling magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value report. Fiddle with the geographical parameters to zoom in on Winter Haven and Polk County, FL data.

Find more home renovation tips and other useful real estate information by browsing Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate by Design’s blog, which is regularly updated with all the latest in Polk Country real estate and more.

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The best places to visit in Polk County: top museums and cultural attractions

Bok Tower Gardens

Museums and other similar institutions offer visitors an experience seldom offered anywhere else. These places hold objects and materials that carry great cultural, religious, and historical significance, and it helps to visit them once in a while to remind ourselves of the incredible journey that we are on.

If you’re interested in visiting these sites in Polk County, here are our top seven recommendations.

Polk Museum of Art at Florida Southern College

The Polk Museum of Art (PMOA) is considered one of the top 10 art museums in the entire state of Florida. It is also an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, that’s why it’s easily one of the best-curated art museums anywhere. If these credentials aren’t enough to convince you to visit, then how about this: entrance is absolutely free!

PMOA hosts extensive permanent and rotating art collections while showcasing a meticulously planned schedule of exhibitions and art education programs, making it one of the perfect places to visit for art lovers living or vacationing in Polk County.

Polk County History Center

If you’re interested in knowing the story behind Polk County, then there’s no other place to be than Polk County History Center. The exhibits focus on the rich history and heritage of this Central Florida county through eleven permanent and four temporary family-friendly museum exhibits. The site also hosts tours and workshops for a little variety. There’s also a vast library onsite, perfect for local book lovers.

Explorations V Children’s Museum

For a more kid-centric good time, make sure to visit Downtown Lakeland’s Explorations V Children’s Museum, where the hands-on exhibits and programs are geared toward children up to twelve years of age. The ‘V’ in the museum’s name is actually the Roman numeral five and is meant to represent the five senses.As you can imagine, the exhibits are designed to develop a child’s sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens is a serene garden and bird sanctuary that never ceases to amaze. Located north of Lake Wales, Florida, the 100-plus hectare site boasts of various sights including a 205-foot tall majestic bell tower, children’s garden, Pine Ridge Trail, Pinewood Estate, and a visitor center – all of which provide ideal backdrops for family get-togethers.

A National Historic Landmark, Bok Tower Gardens provides plenty of fun activities 365 days of the year including daily carillon concerts, bird watching, trail hiking, geocaching, and photography opportunities.

Polk Theatre

A tour of Polk County won’t be complete without a stop at Polk Theatre, the historic vaudeville/movie house in Lakeland where you can watch a variety of entertainment including movies, Broadway plays, and live concerts. A little piece of trivia: The King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley, once performed here.

Child of the Sun

Also known as the Florida Southern College Architectural District, Child of the Sun represents a group of buildings – thirteen in all – that were designed for the campus by renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Thanks to Wright’s creations, Florida Southern College was voted as “The Most Beautiful Campus in the Nation” by The Princeton Review.

Mayfaire by-the-Lake

What started as a crafts fair on the lawn of the Lakeland Public Library has now grown into one of the largest outdoor art festivals in the state. A constant presence on Sunshine Artist magazine’s prestigious “Best 200 Art Shows” list, Mayfaire by-the-Lake is held on Mother’s Day weekend each year.

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Buying a home for retirementin Central Florida? 5 factors to consider


Many people buy a home specifically for their retirement. After all, who needs a two-story, five-bedroom home when the kids are all grown up and out of the house, and walking up and down the stairs has become a daily struggle?

Needs change with age, and there’s no better change to make as you advance in age than to buy a new home that suits your current needs when you retire. If you are seriously considering to buy a retirement home, here are five factors to consider.


Depending on your personal situation, you may want your home to be near family and friends, preferably with easy access to medical care. Or you may want to live in a place where the climate is agreeable all year round. A good location that complements your lifestyle will increase the enjoyment you get out of your retirement home for many years to come.


You will have to make compromises on your purchase based on your priorities. For instance, if you want to move to a place that’s sunny and warm, you may have to live far away from people you care for. (On the other hand, the fact that you live someplace sunny and warm may make them want to visit you more often.) Know your priorities, and weigh your options carefully. Setting your priorities straight before buying can make a lot of tough decisions easier.


You need to consider the possibility that your financial standing when you retire may not be the same as where you are now. To avoid potentially damaging setbacks, set a post-retirement budget and stick to it as best you can.

You’ll need to know how much you can actually afford to avoid becoming “house-rich” but “money-poor” when you retire. If you plan to take out a mortgage, make sure to include all your projected income and expenses, such as Social Security benefits, medical bills, etc. For your own security, get help from a financial planner.

Senior-friendly features

Don’t forget to make sure that the home you choose is senior citizen-friendly. You may move around easily enough now, but that may no longer be the case later on. Step-in showers are a must-have, for easy access and egress as you may find it difficult to do so in a normal bathtub. Other features to consider are:

  • No steps or stairs
  • If stairs are unavoidable, the house must be equipped with a lift
  • Grab bars
  • Rocker light switches (instead of flip switches)
  • Ample space for maneuvering
  • Well-illuminated corners and spaces

All these make for a safe transition to retirement. If the house you’re interested in has very few senior-friendly features, set aside a budget that will allow you to upgrade it to your needs.

Real estate agent

Working with the right real estate agent can be the most crucial aspect of finding the perfect retirement house. When choosing a real estate agent or company, make sure they are established, have plenty of local real estate knowledge and experience, and have your best interest at heart. Check out reviews from their clients, get to know their work processes, and meet with them face to face if you can.

At Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Service, Inc., we look out for your best interests and do our best to help you achieve your goals. Talk to us if you’re in the market for retirement homes in Central Florida.

Investing in a vacation home in Central Florida: the 4 questions to ask

celebration florida

Celebration, Florida

We all have that vacation place we call our “home away from home,” that serene sanctuary we escape to when things get hectic. Wouldn’t it be nice if you actually had a property that you can call your own in that special place?

A vacation home can be a great investment – not just on a personal enjoyment level, but on a financial one as well. This is especially true if you invest in a home in premier master-planned communities like Celebration, Reunion, and ChampionsGate, all of which are close to the Walt Disney World Resort, the world’s most popular theme park.

Here are the questions you will want to ask yourself to see if investing in a vacation home makes sense for you.

Can you afford it?

Buying a property has many financial implications that could impact your entire budget negatively if you’re not careful. In case you can no longer make payments, for example, you can’t expect to sell your vacation home and earn a profit or even break even from the sale, especially in the first few years of ownership.

Create a budget, take the time to research every financial aspect (including tax implications), and be prepared for the expenses. Consult a certified public accountant or financial planner if you need more advice.

Is it worth it?

Let’s say you have the funds to buy a second home – how do you make sure it will be worth it? The location, ease of access, and purpose of your vacation home are critical components of your decision. Plot the travel logistics of your special retreat, and make sure it’s easy to get to. If it’s too far away, you might end up not using it as much as you first thought you would, which means you’re not really getting your money’s worth.

Who will manage it when you’re not there?

Homes require regular monitoring and maintenance, and vacation homes are no different. Do you plan to handle these responsibilities personally? If not, you’ll need to work with a property manager. By working with a property manager, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your investment is well-cared for.

Should you rent it out?

Many owners rent out their vacation homes to earn passive income while they’re not using the property. If this is something you want to do, you will need to let your real estate agent know– they will help you determine its feasibility and help you find a property that would make a good rental.

Learn the local rental rates, as well as the rules and regulations that govern rental properties (e.g. termination and eviction rules, tenant rights, etc.) for that particular area. Aside from real estate agents, property managers are another excellent source of information on the subject.

If you are interested in buying a vacation home or investing in a vacation rental in Central Florida, please get in touch with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Services, Inc. We will provide you with the real estate expertise you need. Contact us at 863-294-7000 or brad(at)bydesignre(dotted)com.

Turning your home into a smart home


Fictive application on the screen controlling modern home and mother with a child cooking in the kitchen

Thinking of a new home improvement project? Why not level up your home’s comfort and convenience with smart home upgrades? Built around today’s handy mobile devices and wireless connections, these appliances deliver the new standard of luxury for homeowners in the digital age.

  1. Make the smart switch

    Smart plugs and switches are the fastest and most affordable way to turn any home into a smart home. These allow you to monitor and control the use of your lights and electrical appliances through Wi-Fi-connected mobile phonesand tablets.

    Because these accessories fit right over regular power outlets and light switches, there’s no need for any major rewiring or renovation work. Just “plug and play” – you can continue using your current appliances and lighting fixtures while you save up for other smart tech upgrades.

  2. Enjoy optimal comfort with thermostats that “learn” your preferences

    Maintaining optimal room conditions across different areas in a large home used to be a challenge until smart thermostats came around.

    Going well beyond the basic functions of raising and lowering the temperature, these appliances enable remote access from anywhere inside the house. Even more exciting is their ability to “learn”– over time, a smart thermostat can automatically make adjustments based on your usage patterns.

    Centralized, smart thermostat-operated AC systems are a must-have for homes in balmy Florida neighborhoods. Not only will you stay cool and comfy throughout the year, you will also be able to save on your electric bills.

  3. Manage sunlight with automated shade control

    Automated window shades are another practical application of emerging smart tech for Florida luxury homes. In a place where the sun shines nearly all year round, you’ll appreciate having centralized control over window shades.

    A bonus benefit that automated shade control gives homeowners is the fact that it can be operated remotely. This allowsyouto save energy withinternal temperature control, take care of indoor plants’ sunlight needs, or even make the home look inhabited when you’re away.

  4. Protect your property with smart locks and connected security cameras

    Always forgetting where you left your keys? Smart locks will soon make that worryobsolete. Withthis technology, doors come with touchpads you can use to enter a security code or a scanner that can interface with an app on your mobile device.

    Surveillance cameras are also getting smart tech upgrades – they are now more powerful, thanks to their on-demand accessibility over the internet. If you often leave your house for work or out-of-town trips, the ability to access real-time footage from your security cameras remotely will surely give you peace of mind.

  5. Get ready to talk to your appliances through smart hubs

    If you’re eager to embrace the smart home lifestyle, it’s time to get used to talking to inanimate objects other than your smartphone.

    Voice-controlled digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and the Google Assistant are gaining popularity among homeowners at a fast rate. Through smart appliances such as Google Home or Amazon Echo wireless speakers, homeowners can “talk” to their virtual assistants to control other connected appliances across the house.

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4 exterior decorating ideas for the holidays


Feeling festive? Let holiday cheer to spill out beyond the four walls of yourhouse! Add these creative ideas to your decorating plans to keep the yuletide joy flowing.

  1. Go white or go bold

    Decide on a theme to unify the look and feel of your décor, both outside and inside the home.

    It’s hard to go wrong with a “White Christmas” theme. Try this: use a spray bottle to mist the corners of your windows with water, then blow talcum powder onto the windows. The result will be a nice, frosted effect that is not only cheap and non-toxic, but also easy to clean up at the end of the holiday season.

    “Frosted” fruits also add to the theme very well. Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar on apples, grapes, and berries to create pleasant holiday-themed centerpieces for your outdoor tables (just be sure to clean up after).

    Alternatively, you can opt for bold colors to take advantage of Florida’s bright, sunny days. Holiday reds and golds will look even more festive under the abundant sunshine.

    If you live by thewater, use non-traditional shades of blue and green to complement the surrounding natural scenery. Your distinctive holiday theme will make your style the talk of the neighborhood.

  2. Opt for the rustic and minimalist style

    Setting up outdoor decorations is a great opportunity to embrace the timeless rustic holiday theme.

    This theme opens many doors for DIY projects, and with plenty of easy-to-find raw materials around your Florida home, it’s a cost-effective and engaging way to embrace the season’s festive spirit.

    Fashion wreaths and garlands out of dried leaves and bark. Craft star-shaped ornaments using twigs and colorful twine or ribbons. Use fern leaves to decorate candles or candle holders. Keep tabletops lively with fresh floral arrangements.

  3. Decorate your entrance

    Greet guests in style with a thoughtfully decorated entry way. The columns and railings of your front porch are perfect for hanging fresh garlands. Add fresh blooms and fruits to give the décor a sweet fragrance that will welcome everyone who steps through.

    Remember to add lights as well. String lights complement your garlands, while placingsmall lanterns on the doorsteps can add a warm, welcoming charm inthe evenings.

  4. Frame your docks with trees and ornaments

    Imagine having a Christmas Eve party with neighbors or spending Christmas morning with your family – with a sparkling lake as your unforgettable background!

    Like your front porch, your dock has columns and railings ideal for holiday ornaments and lighting. Wrap these up with fresh garlands and subtle string lights to match your entry way.

    Another fun idea is to place a pair of Christmas trees before the footpath. This will serve as a charming holiday “gate” leading to your dock.

For decorating ideas to prepare your interiors for the holidays, click here!

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4 interior decorating ideas for the holidays

Photo of elegant dining table preparing for holiday

Spruce up your Central Florida home with these fun and festive decorating ideas!

  1. Make things shimmer and glow with icy white and silver accents

    Dreaming of a white Christmas? Enjoy one in the heart of sunny Florida with these clever hacks.

    Make your home sparkle with silver wire ornaments, ribbons, and beads. Wrap these up – along with your string lights – around your tree and get creative by accentuating windows, doorways, and mantels. Placing silver and translucent accessories on your tabletops will complement this theme well.

    Pair these decorative highlights with white drapes and white or light-colored upholstery.

  2. Wow with your waterfront

    What Polk County, Florida may lack in snow-covered neighborhoods, it surely makes up for in breathtaking lakes! Showcase the best of your area by using great waterfront views from your home to frame your interiors. The lakes’ bluehues can inspire a distinct theme for your holiday décor – it will surely stand out from all the typical red-white-and-greens!

    A strategically placed Christmas tree by the window facing the lakes will create an exceptional image. The sight will impress guests coming from out of town, not to mention create a gorgeous backdrop for your holiday family photos.

  3. Breathe in the holiday spirit

    The holidays are more than a visual experience, so be sure to decorate for all senses! The right scents can go a long way in completing your home’s holiday vibe.

    Real Christmas trees are a great way to bring home an authentic ambience. But if a tree is too cumbersome and impractical for your living space, you can also choose scented candles or oils to create the right effect. Evergreen, cinnamon, and peppermint will fill your home with the best scents for the season.

    And speaking of cinnamon and peppermint, how ab

  4. out warming up that oven to bake some gingerbread cookies, snickerdoodles, and more holiday favorites?

  5. Use greenery and other abundant natural materials to create DIY décor

    Here’s a fun decorating idea that your whole family can enjoy: Make DIY decorations using natural materials you can find around your home and your neighborhood. It’s cheap, easy, and a great way to bond with everyone in the weeks leading to the holidays.

    Build wreaths and garlands using fresh greenery. Not only will these capture the spirit of the season, they will also shine the spotlight on the local foliage. Dried leaves and twigs also work – paint them to match whatever theme you have going for your interiors. Filling glass cylinders with twigs, seeds, nuts, and berries creates low-key but attractive tabletop centerpieces.

    Living in a tropical area like Central Florida, you’ll have no trouble looking for leaves, twigs, small logs, tree bark, and even bird feathers that you can fashion into charming, rustic holiday décor.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate By Design is here to help you make the most out of life in East Polk County, Florida. Click here for our decorating tips to liven up your exteriors, too!

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Five tips for a successful home staging

Staging your home is one of the many ways you can entice prospective buyers to your property. More than just tidying the place, home staging allows people to imagine what it’s like to live in the space. Here are five tips that will help you stage your home effectively.

  1. Take note of your target market.

    Dress up your property with your target demographic in mind. If your property is located in a family-friendly neighborhood, stage your home to appeal to that market. If your property is located in a trendy area with a high influx of young professionals, the best way to stage your property is to dress it up in a way that caters to that market. The same can be said if you’re planning on selling your home to baby boomers looking to downsize or retire.

  2. Detach yourself from the property.

    Cutting emotional ties to the property should be done during the early stages of the home selling process. By detaching yourself, you’ll be able to stage the home to appeal to other people, not to your personal preferences. It’s important to de-personalize the property to allow interested buyers to imagine themselves in the home. Additionally, cutting ties to the property allows for an overall easier selling process. Remember that you’re setting the property up for its next owner.

  3. Choose the appropriate furniture.

    Highlight and accentuate the property’s best features or hide its flaws by choosing the right furniture. Remember that in home staging, you’re showcasing the property’s strengths and downplaying its weaknesses. Stay away from large furniture for smaller rooms. Leave enough space for interested buyers and their companions to weave in and out of the rooms. If the property has an open space floor plan, use this to your advantage and highlight how prospective buyers can easily dress up the space according to their preferences and lifestyles.

  4. Don’t forget to make necessary repairs.

    Home staging is more than making the property aesthetically pleasing to buyers. Take time before the sale to take care of repairs and upgrades. Home buyers are more drawn to homes that are well taken care of. Besides, doing minor upgrades and even renovations can even increase the value of the property. Some of the things you can do include repainting the whole property, re-caulking the tub, updating indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, and replacing door knobs.

    You can also go above and beyond and deal with existing structural issues. Have the home properly inspected for leaks and other significant damage that might affect the sale. It’s best to deal with such problems early to avoid stress and even disputes.

  5. Create an experience.

    Instead of just showing your property’s best assets, stage your home in a way that creates a positive experience for prospective buyers. This ties in well if you’re catering to a specific demographic or lifestyle. Create a mood and make the whole house as welcoming as possible. Interested buyers will surely talk about your property even after the open house.

Home staging is a fun way to sell your home. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us today at 863-294-7000.

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