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Susan Human
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As a professional in the real estate field, I find that customer service trumps the sale of property. Buying and selling is an important step, but not as important as having that special agent there to help the client throughout the entire process and that’s what I do.

I possess a spirit of excellence and I am a go-getter at heart. I have no “target” clientele because the skills that I hold appeal to a wide variety of people. My strong work ethic speaks for itself as I have started from the bottom of every position I’ve ever held, and I always came out on top. I am a Winter Haven native and my main area of service is Polk County where I have been serving for three years.

Most people think that buying and selling a property is all about the paperwork and phone calls and although that is a large part of it, I add what I like to call the “Human Touch” to the process because I humanize the experience for my clients and make them feel safe, as if they had someone to hold their hand every step of the way.

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