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4 exterior decorating ideas for the holidays


Feeling festive? Let holiday cheer to spill out beyond the four walls of yourhouse! Add these creative ideas to your decorating plans to keep the yuletide joy flowing.

  1. Go white or go bold

    Decide on a theme to unify the look and feel of your décor, both outside and inside the home.

    It’s hard to go wrong with a “White Christmas” theme. Try this: use a spray bottle to mist the corners of your windows with water, then blow talcum powder onto the windows. The result will be a nice, frosted effect that is not only cheap and non-toxic, but also easy to clean up at the end of the holiday season.

    “Frosted” fruits also add to the theme very well. Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar on apples, grapes, and berries to create pleasant holiday-themed centerpieces for your outdoor tables (just be sure to clean up after).

    Alternatively, you can opt for bold colors to take advantage of Florida’s bright, sunny days. Holiday reds and golds will look even more festive under the abundant sunshine.

    If you live by thewater, use non-traditional shades of blue and green to complement the surrounding natural scenery. Your distinctive holiday theme will make your style the talk of the neighborhood.

  2. Opt for the rustic and minimalist style

    Setting up outdoor decorations is a great opportunity to embrace the timeless rustic holiday theme.

    This theme opens many doors for DIY projects, and with plenty of easy-to-find raw materials around your Florida home, it’s a cost-effective and engaging way to embrace the season’s festive spirit.

    Fashion wreaths and garlands out of dried leaves and bark. Craft star-shaped ornaments using twigs and colorful twine or ribbons. Use fern leaves to decorate candles or candle holders. Keep tabletops lively with fresh floral arrangements.

  3. Decorate your entrance

    Greet guests in style with a thoughtfully decorated entry way. The columns and railings of your front porch are perfect for hanging fresh garlands. Add fresh blooms and fruits to give the décor a sweet fragrance that will welcome everyone who steps through.

    Remember to add lights as well. String lights complement your garlands, while placingsmall lanterns on the doorsteps can add a warm, welcoming charm inthe evenings.

  4. Frame your docks with trees and ornaments

    Imagine having a Christmas Eve party with neighbors or spending Christmas morning with your family – with a sparkling lake as your unforgettable background!

    Like your front porch, your dock has columns and railings ideal for holiday ornaments and lighting. Wrap these up with fresh garlands and subtle string lights to match your entry way.

    Another fun idea is to place a pair of Christmas trees before the footpath. This will serve as a charming holiday “gate” leading to your dock.

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